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Money Injustice

End money injustice.

We should end the travesty of money injustice. There are more than 700,000 people in U.S. jails. About two-thirds of them have not been convicted of a crime yet have been locked up mostly because they cannot make bail. Money injustice—through bail, fines, and fees—is driving much of the increase in local jail populations across the country, extracting hard-earned dollars from communities of color, and keeping too many people in jail or otherwise involved with the criminal legal system for far too long.

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Series: Eliminating Money Injustice in New Orleans

Confronting the True Harms of Money Injustice

A conversation with New Orleans community activist Roy Brumfield

5. How do you feel about this moment and the potential for reform? I’m angry, honestly. When I was in jail and I couldn’t pay my bond, I had to make a choice: what’s important right now? And I know that’s not unique about me. I’m not the only person who made that decision based upon the circumstances.

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  • Vera Institute  of Justice
    Vera Institute of Justice
June 21, 2019
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Two Ways to Show Up for Black Lives in the Wake of George Floyd’s Murder

Bail fund donations and overhauling the money bail system

As police respond to the current protests with more violence and arrests, bail funds have seen an outpouring of support—collectively raising upwards of $30 million from tens of thousands of donors across the country in a matter of days. Some bail funds, like the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund and the Minneapolis Freedom Fund, have received so many do ...

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  • Insha Rahman
    Insha Rahman
June 05, 2020
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