Thanks to the dedicated work of advocates around the country, the public has increasingly begun to recognize the prevalence of violence against people with disabilities over the last 15 years, yet little opportunity exists to coalesce into a full-fledged movement. Through the support of the NoVo Foundation, Vera’s Center on Victimization and Safety (CVS) is working to transform these ad hoc efforts into a cohesive, strategic, and unified movement to end violence against people with disabilities, creating transformative strategies that will increase awareness and resources. CVS will lead the effort by convening a national coalition of experts, organizational leaders, and self-advocates already working at the intersection of anti-violence and disabilities. 

Project Objectives

  • Assemble, cultivate, and convene a national coalition centered on ending violence against people with disabilities; 

  • Develop and initiate implementation of the national coalition’s unified strategy and priorities to build momentum and take unified action to end violence against people with disabilities; and 

  • Engage in a strategic relationship-building campaign to expand the movement’s impact and strengthen relationships among key leaders in the disability rights and anti-violence movements, and among allied stakeholders. 

Key Fact

Nearly 60 individual projects around the country focus specifically on the link between disabilities and violence, yet their reach and impact nationally is limited without a cohesive and unified movement.