The end of girls’ incarceration in the United States is within reach, and Vera is leading a national initiative to make it happen in 10 years. The number of youth in the girls’ side of the juvenile justice system is small, most girls are unjustly locked up to protect their safety or to address unmet needs, and jurisdictions across the country are finally ready to commit to gender-responsive systems change.

Two years ago, Vera started the Initiative to End Girls’ Incarceration in New York City. Now the work has gone national as we partner with government and community leaders across the country to disrupt the unique pathways leading girls and gender expansive youth into the juvenile justice system and into confinement.

Project Objectives

  • Vera promotes gender and race equity through systems change for girls and gender expansive youth across the country.

  • Vera builds powerful partnerships between government and community, including girls and their families.

  • Through the New York City Task Force on Ending Girls Incarceration, Vera is developing a comprehensive plan to end confinement for girls across the five boroughs.