Restoring Promise Statement on Policing and Racism

June 2020

The racist murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others are not a modern phenomenon, but are the consequence of our nation’s 600-year history of colonization, slavery, and mass incarceration. In fact, today’s policing system and the state-sanctioned violence against Black people arose out of the racist system of plantation police during slavery. Restoring Promise stands with our partners and allies around the world who are demonstrating to defend Black lives, defund the police, decarcerate people, and move toward racial justice.
Disrupting the criminal legal system must be done alongside the people most impacted by mass incarceration. This commitment is reflected in Restoring Promise’s values of community and family partnership, restorative justice, racial equity, and cultural healing. We will do our part by continuing to challenge institutional racism and the legacy of racial terror. And we will continue fighting together to ensure that we live in a world where incarceration and prisons become obsolete.