The Reshaping Prosecution program is expanding our work to partner with prosecutors’ offices who are committed to reforming the ways they deliver justice and pursue public safety. Beginning Tuesday, October 15, Reshaping Prosecution will begin accepting Letters of Interest indicating the agency’s commitment and desire to participate in the program.

About Reshaping Prosecution

Vera launched the Reshaping Prosecution program in 2018 in response to the emergent movement of local prosecutors running—and winning—on platforms of reducing the harms of mass incarceration, particularly for communities of color. Reshaping Prosecution assists prosecutors’ offices in implementing concrete, data-informed policy and practice reforms to reduce the reach and impact of the criminal legal system, promote racial equity, and increase the public’s confidence in their office. In addition, Vera seeks to uplift community solutions to address changes the offices can make to better serve their communities.


Letters of Interest must be submitted to the Reshaping Prosecution program at no later than 8 p.m. EST/ 5 p.m. PST on Friday, November 15, 2019.

Learn more about the application requirements and process.

Q & A

My office only handles felonies or misdemeanors. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. If your office only handles some cases and/or does not handle cases for the full duration of the case (i.e. receives cases from another prosecutor’s office post-indictment), please indicate this in your application materials.

I am a city prosecutor who handles municipal violations. Can I apply?

This engagement is not intended for offices who handle municipal violations.

I’ve been elected as the lead prosecutor but am not yet sworn in. Can I still apply if the engagement will start once I’m in office?

These engagements are focused on partnering with electeds who have been in office prior to the start of the engagement, though there may be ways we can support you and your office at this time outside of a full engagement. Please reach out to us at to connect about other opportunities for partnership.

How much does it cost to receive technical assistance?

Our technical assistance is provided free of cost to prosecutor’s offices. Reshaping Prosecution has grants to cover our costs for the engagement.

Local community groups are submitting reference letters for our application. How should they submit their letter?

Community members should send email their letter to by the November 15 application deadline. Please ask them to identify the prosecutor’s office their letter is in support of in their email and the letter.

I lead a community-based organization and our local prosecutor asked us to submit a reference letter for their application. What should our letter cover and how do we submit it to you?

Please describe the office’s community engagement efforts, how they collaborate and provide updates on their reform goals and efforts, and further reforms you and your group’s members would like to see the local prosecutor’s office implement. Please email your letter to by November 15 and indicate your local prosecutor’s office in the letter and email.

For any additional questions, please contact