The PEACE Initiative is designed to help police agencies work collaboratively with the communities they serve, to enhance or repair police-community relations, and cultivate trust between all stakeholders. Vera is working intensively with a number of jurisdictions, facilitating local police-community engagement and furthering the concrete goal of shaping policing policies—on critical topics such as use of force and policing in schools—in a way that is genuinely and fundamentally community-informed. As a result of their participation in the PEACE Initiative, participating sites will have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to prioritizing community engagement in the policy development process, and will become part of a community of practice of police leaders seeking innovative ways to build and sustain positive police-community relations. These enhanced relations will work to benefit participating police departments long after the facilitated forums, increasing the likelihood of public cooperation in police problem-solving efforts.

Project Objectives

  • Strengthen police-community partnerships, and build a foundation for further collaboration;

  • Enhance public safety through improved police policies, increased accountability and enhanced community engagement; and

  • Cultivate a bold, strong narrative about policing that highlights the plausibility of reform through police-community partnerships.

Key Fact

Over the past several decades, less than 5% of arrests were for violent crimes.