Are you an immigrant parent who has been separated from your child(ren) and is trying to reconnect?

Are you a legal services provider who knows a parent looking for their child?

The Immigrant Connection Project (ICON) can help.

Attorneys or parents seeking children should:

ICON, a partnership between the Vera Institute of Justice and New America, is a resource for parents who have been separated from their children due to the administration’s zero tolerance policy—as well as for the attorneys for these parents—to locate and connect with the legal service providers (LSPs) working with their children. ICON also seeks to ensure due process for these separated children and their families.

While the federal government is the only entity that can physically reunite children and families, ICON provides a route to connect parents and their legal representatives with a legal service provider that is working directly with their children.

Project Objectives

  • The answer to family separation is not family detention. The Immigrant Connection Project (ICON) is a tool for families who have been separated from their children to reconnect as quickly as possible.

  • Reunification is not enough, especially if it means a quick deportation. These families deserve and have a right to due process. ICON is focused on both—reconnection and representation.

  • We are doing this now because there is a void to fill in connecting parents with children who have been separated from them and in providing further legal counsel and representation to these children and their families.

Key Fact

The recent zero-tolerance policy led to more than 2,300 children being separated from their families on the southern border of the United States.