At a time when communities are seeking ways to play an active role in the co-production of public safety—and police departments are eager to engage the communities they serve—it is essential that our management of policing resources, priorities, and responses evolves to incorporate a wider set of metrics beyond serious crime incidents. By leveraging the strengths of traditional CompStat, CompStat3601 provides a more modern management framework that reflects the values deemed most important to law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, such as crime, organizational effectiveness, and community support and involvement. This initiative intends to promote effective, efficient, and evidence-based policing, and to foster a shared responsibility for public safety across law enforcement and community members.

1.Formerly known as CompStat 2.0

Project Objectives

  • This project aims to emphasize active police-community collaboration; appropriate responses to community needs; and continual follow-up on police effectiveness and community satisfaction.

  • Measuring community policing strategies will help police agencies develop better relationships and be more accountable to the communities they serve.

  • The CompStat360 model allows police agencies to incorporate a wider range of metrics into their measurement and management approaches, with the goal of more effectively delivering and assessing quality policing.