Although it has been said that what gets measured is what matters, not all aspects of policing are systematically measured or regularly assessed by law enforcement agencies to the same extent as enforcement activities, such as arrests and citations. In effect, important indicators such as officer safety and wellness, community satisfaction, and clearance rates are routinely excluded from police performance management systems.

Since its development in 1994, CompStat has proven to be a valuable measurement and decision-making tool for law enforcement administrators, and is widely accepted as one of the most important policing innovations in the last century. Yet, in its traditional form, CompStat typically measures only crimes reported to the police, as well as very serious crimes, which are generally rare and not always representative of a community’s highest public safety concerns. As such, CompStat often fails to capture a true picture of quality policing, public safety, and police-community priorities.

In response to concerns about the limitations of traditional CompStat and its potential to do more, the Vera Institute of Justice and the Police Foundation,partnered to reimagine CompStat. Research and development for CompStat360 involved commissioning a series of white papers; hosting an expert symposium; completing an in-depth literature review; and conducting in-site visits, focus groups, and semi-structured interviews. The resulting CompStat360 model guides policing agencies and communities in collecting, managing, and problem-solving a more comprehensive model capable of capturing both quality policing and community impacts. Over the next several years, Vera and the Police Foundation will implement and assess the CompStat360 model in partnership with several police departments and communities. At its highest level, the CompStat360 model covers three dimensions, which can be seen in the image below. To learn more about the CompStat360 model, including opportunities for implementation, please visit the CompStat360 website.