Sandra van den Heuvel

Sandra is a program associate with Vera’s Greater Justice New York initiative, which seeks to end mass incarceration in New York State and create a fairer and more just system. Her research includes landscape analyses of pretrial justice across New York State counties, the institution of court-imposed fines and fees, and the development of sentencing laws. Sandra’s focus on socioeconomic justice has informed her work with Vera’s Bail Assessment Pilot and research regarding revenue intake within New York State’s town and village courts. Beyond research and program development, Sandra provides strategic assistance to counties who have committed to reducing their incarcerated population.

While in social work school, Sandra interned with Vera, at the Legal Aid Society as a forensic social worker, and with the New York City Department of Corrections as a social services counselor. Her graduate studies focused on contemporary social issues and policy practice.

Sandra’s commitment to social justice arose from her experience living on a transitional farm-home, where she was a house manager for people recently released from prison. Before social work school, Sandra was a clinical supervisor for a recovery program within Massachusetts state prisons. She is a licensed social worker with a Master’s of social work from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.