Vera Report Links Homelessness to the Criminal Justice System People without housing are 11 times more likely to be arrested and experience additional complications navigating the criminal justice system


No Access to Justice

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Jail

On any given night in the United States, more than 550,000 people experience homelessness. The U.S. legal system criminalizes survival behaviors associated with homelessness and fails to acknowledge that people who are homeless face impossible odds within the legal process. Black people, who already face a disproportionate risk of homelessness, are ...

  • Madeline Bailey, Erica Crew, Madz Reeve
August 12, 2020

Vera Institute of Justice Expands Initiative to Increase Access to Public Housing for Formerly Incarcerated People

The initiative continues to improve admissions policies for people with conviction histories

NEW YORK – Today, the Vera Institute of Justice (Vera), with support from the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), announced the expansion of their Opening Doors to Public Housing Initiative, a national project that changes restrictive public housing admissions policies and reduces barriers to safe community reentry for i ...

Press Release
August 11, 2020
Press Release

Opening Doors

How to develop reentry programs using examples from public housing authorities

A growing number of public housing authorities (PHAs) across the country are implementing reentry programs and changing their policies to help formerly incarcerated people secure housing. This report highlights 11 PHAs doing this work and examines best practices and lessons learned from their experiences—including key factors of program design and ...

  • John Bae, Kate Finley, Margaret diZerega
September 29, 2017