SAFE Initiative

Our Model

How we work

The SAFE Initiative is a unique collaboration of government leaders, legal service providers, and community partners all working in partnership with Vera to implement publicly funded, universal representation programs. Through SAFE, Vera also leads and supports local and state advocacy and campaign efforts for deportation defense.

A Movement for Universal Representation

A public defender system for all immigrants facing deportation.

Since our launch in 2017, SAFE has highlighted the power and influence of local leadership. Government and community leaders who are willing to stand up for their immigrant neighbors and fight for investments in communities offer a necessary and powerful counternarrative to the onslaught of anti-immigrant policies and messages.

SAFE fosters change by piloting local programs, supporting community-led advocacy, fostering narrative change, and generating evidence of impact. We also provide technical assistance and one-time grants to SAFE legal service providers and community partners, while developing technical expertise among partners with the goal of institutionalizing each program.