Many of our clients are elderly people who would be forced to move into nursing homes or institutions if we were not there for them. With our intensive case management model, we can design and implement an individualized care plan for each of our clients. It is this attention to detail that makes The Guardianship Project unique.

Why We Need This Project

Because there is no public guardianship system in New York State, judges usually appoint attorneys to serve as guardians for elderly people and people with disabilities who have no family member or friend willing and/or able to care for them. However, few attorneys take cases where the client has high needs and low assets. To ensure the highest possible quality of service, we assign to each client (according to their court-determined needs) an attorney, a case manager, and a finance associate- and always maintain a client-to-case manager ratio of 1:25. The Guardianship Project provides an essential support network for people who require services—regardless of their ability to pay—and helps clients improve their quality of life. Staff visit clients as frequently as needed and are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mailing Address

The Guardianship Project
P.O. Box 2-5106
Brooklyn, NY 11202