The Guardianship Project serves as court-appointed agency guardians to a vulnerable, mostly indigent population—elderly and disabled individuals who lack family or other supports that enable them to live as independently as possible. TGP seeks to cast a spotlight on a desperately missing element of the social safety net and to provide an approach that humanely addresses critical needs for these individuals, saves public dollars, and allows key institutions to operate more effectively.

TGP currently provides services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx and accepts cases regardless of the client’s economic status. We offer a highly regarded holistic guardianship services model. Project staff include lawyers, social workers, and finance associates, who oversee an array of services and help clients to remain independent and engaged in their communities.

The Guardianship Project staff visits clients at least once a month, so as to be in a position to prevent or proactively address our clients’ issues. A 2014 cost/benefit analysis showed that TGP saves over $2 million in Medicaid dollars annually.

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