Vera’s Policing Program Releases Fourth Volume of “Emerging Issues in American Policing” Quarterly Digest


Emerging Issues in American Policing Digest

Emerging Issues in American Policing Digest is a quarterly digest intended for police-practitioners and community members that presents innovations in the field of policing from the leading academic journals and research publications. To receive the digest via email, or to share questions or suggestions, please email ...

  • Abdul Rad, Jackson Beck, Frankie Wunschel, Anna Stenkamp, Daniel Bodah
June 01, 2018

To Protect and Serve

New Trends in State-Level Policing Reform, 2015-2016

The work of law enforcement involves countless and risky low-visibility duties. Over the last three years, however, members of the public have brought increased attention to incidents of police-community conflict, violence, and misconduct, sparked by several high-profile deaths of people of color, many of them unarmed, during seemingly routine poli ...

  • Ram Subramanian, Leah Skrzypiec
April 05, 2017

Stronger Together: Vera’s Policing Program Works to Bridge the Divide between Police and Community

Spreading PEACE It is in this context that Vera is launching its new Policing Program. With this program, Vera has expanded its capacity to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies and communities to collaboratively measure, manage, and improve public safety; better respond to the needs of vulnerable populations; and advance a new model for p ...

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  • Rebecca Neusteter
    Rebecca Neusteter
October 16, 2017
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