Sexual Assault Awareness is Key to Keeping Girls Out of the Juvenile Justice System

Sexual Assault Awareness Key Keeping Girls Out Juvenile Justice System Full


Series: Gender and Justice in America

How the Criminalization of Adolescence Fuels the School-to-Prison Pipeline

In her new play on the school-to-prison pipeline, Notes from the Field, actress and playwright Anna Deveare Smith reenacts interviews with 17 people from the education and criminal justice systems. The school-to-prison pipeline is a national trend in which children are pushed out of public schools and into the juvenile justice system. Smith’s play ...

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  • Kristi  DiLallo
    Kristi DiLallo
January 17, 2017
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Series: Gender and Justice in America

Why We Need to End Girls’ Incarceration

Many girls are arrested for misbehaviors like running away and skipping school. This needs to change.

This is still happening to girls today. Although girls are only 25 percent of the overall juvenile justice system, 40 percent of children who are taken to court for status offenses—and 55 percent of children who are taken to court specifically for running away—are girls. In fact, status offenses and technical violations of probation account for 37 ...

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  • Sarah  Zarba
    Sarah Zarba
July 27, 2018
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