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Series: Gender and Justice in America

Why We’re Working to Reduce the Number of Women Incarcerated at Rikers Island

There’s no doubt that the advisory group’s aims are ambitious. NYC’s overall decline in the use of jail means that many women charged with low-level offenses or first-time charges have their cases resolved without spending any time at Rikers—of the 57,119 women arrested across the five boroughs in 2014, less than 12 percent were detained. The women ...

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  • Kaitlin Kall
    Kaitlin Kall
March 31, 2017
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Young Adults in Rikers Island Jail

Evaluating a new approach to working with 18 to 21-year-olds on Rikers Island

The New York City Department of Correction (DOC) established a new facility—announced during the fall of 2015 and opened months later—to house 18-21-year-olds at Rikers Island. The jail is the first in the country to create separate housing for these young adults, who are cognitively different from both their younger and older counterparts, and thu ...

  • Ryan Shanahan
    Ryan Shanahan

Jail in New York City

Evidence-Based Opportunities for Reform

Jail in New York City: Evidence-Based Opportunities for Reform examines the key decision points within New York City’s criminal justice system that drive people into the jail. The report uses rich data on case processing, pretrial decision-making, bail decisions, and case disposition to understand how decision makers can impact the size of the jail ...

  • Michael Rempel, Ashmini Kerodal, Joseph Spadafore, Chris Mai
March 24, 2017